Notarial services for the ambitious entrepreneur.  

Notarial services.

Incorporations done quickly and fully online 

One of the many things’ entrepreneurs need to carefully consider is the legal structure of their business. The right legal structure is crucial for the future of your company, as it determines factors such as liability and obligations to the Tax Authority. 

The suitable legal structure for your business depends on numerous factors, such as your annual profits and whether you prefer to have personal liability or not. It is also wise to think about your legal structure if you are seeking investors. 

Which legal structure suits your business? 

For instance, setting up a private limited company (BV) or a holding company may be advantageous. Whatever legal structure you choose, the accountants at Entrpnr can provide support and save you time and money. They will work with you to assess the opportunities and risks for your business and recommend the appropriate legal structure. 

Besides considering the legal structure and accounting, starting your own business involves many other aspects. Especially in the initial phase, you will encounter complex laws, regulations, tax matters, and other financial affairs. For all the factors that startup entrepreneurs encounter, Entrpnr has experts on hand. Feel free to contact us for comprehensive advice or simply to bounce ideas around. 

Your benefits.

100% online.

All notarial matters are handled online with us. There is no need for a physical visit to the notary.

Reliable advice.

Entrpnr collaborates with its partner and subsidiary NOTRS for all notarial matters. They possess all the notarial expertise and can guide you through every step of the process.

Fixed low prices.

With us, you always know in advance where you stand. We provide a clear quote based on your preferences. This way, you'll never face financial surprises afterwards, and you'll always get the best price.

Incorporation in 5-10 business days.

With us, incorporations are fully processed online within 5-10 business days. This allows you to quickly benefit from the advantages of your new private limited company (BV) or holding structure.


Your legal form.

Every business is unique, so the most suitable legal form for your company can change over time. For instance, it may become advantageous to establish a private limited company (BV) or even a holding structure. Whatever notarial service you require, the teams of Entrpnr and partner NOTRS are here to assist you. 

Establishing a BV 

When your business grows and generates more revenue, it is wise to establish a private limited company (BV).

Holding Establishment 

By establishing a holding, which is a second BV, you protect your valuable assets.

UBO Registration 

Avoid risks and fines. Let the specialists at Entrpnr handle your UBO registration. 

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Do you have any questions about your bookkeeping, our services, submitting documents, or perhaps something entirely different? Feel free to give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help you. 

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