Flawless administration by seamless integrations

Which integrations do we have? 

Which ones do we not have? We have integrations with all Dutch banks, most webshops, point-of-sale systems, payroll packages, time registration software, and CRM systems. And if you want to create your own integration, that’s not a problem for us either. Please do contact us and we will work together to see how we can implement the integration(s) you like in Yuki. 

Your integrations. 

Every business is different, and every entrepreneur has their own wishes and needs. We seamlessly integrate the systems you use with your bookkeeping. 

Banking integrations

We automatically link the Yuki accounting software to your bank for every entrepreneur. This way, you never have to manually enter bank transactions again.

Payment systems

We integrate your accounting with nearly every payment system, including Mollie. This allows you to offer your customers various payment methods and effortlessly manage the payment process.

Payroll software

We directly integrate the payroll software NMBRS with the intelligent Yuki software, ensuring that your payroll administration is processed directly, accurately, and completely in your accounting.


Our integration between your online store and your accounting enhances efficiency and improves the accuracy of financial data.


We link your Yuki accounting to nearly any invoicing software, allowing you to create, send, and track invoices directly from one system.

Entrpnr Debt Management

The debt management software from Outstanding24 is fully integrated into your Yuki accounting, allowing us to handle the entire accounts receivable process for you.

Reporting systems

Due to the direct integration between the reporting system and your accounting, financial data can be automatically inputted into reports.


By directly linking your CRM system to your accounting, all customer data is exchanged directly and error-free, saving you a lot of duplicate work.

We integrate Yuki with (among others), the following packages: 

Koppeling Hikashop Partner genaamd Hikashop Ga naar de website van
Koppeling OpenCart Partner genaamd Opencart Ga naar de website van
Koppeling Prestashop Partner genaamd Prestashop Ga naar de website van
Partner genaamd JouwWeb   Ga naar de website van

Your benefits.


Based on recognition rules, statements are automatically imported and assigned to the correct entries. Invoices and receipts are also directly included and processed in the bookkeeping.

Reduced chance of errors

You no longer need to manually enter debits and credits. As there is less manual processing, the likelihood of errors is drastically reduced.


By automating (routine) processes, you spend less time on your bookkeeping and can save on labor costs and reduce administrative tasks.

More overview

With up-to-date and transparent income and expenditure patterns, you can make better-informed decisions for your business. This allows you to better anticipate opportunities or threats to your company.


What else can we do for you?


Payroll administration

Notarial services

Tax returns

Financial statement


Our customer
Taco Bell Nederland

Meet our customer Taco Bell Netherlands and see how they have made significant strides in automating almost all of Taco Bell Netherlands’ business processes in collaboration with Entrpnr. General Manager Barto Hulleman talks about the partnership and how it has helped him steer the company where needed (video in Dutch). 

Do you have a question?

Do you have any questions about your bookkeeping, our services, submitting documents, or perhaps something entirely different? Feel free to give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help you. 

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