The payroll administration

Payroll administration.

More than just paying salaries. 

If you are an entrepreneur with employees, you are obliged to maintain a payroll administration with the tax authorities. However, managing the payroll involves a lot of knowledge and paperwork. The specialists at Entrpnr set up the payroll administration for your business in a way that seamlessly aligns with your operations. 

Efficiently designed payroll administration. 

We tailor the payroll administration completely to the structure of your company and the needs and requirements regarding personnel matters. We do this using the payroll administration software Nmbrs. This not only saves you a lot of time but also increases the efficiency of your team and allows you to identify opportunities for improvement. 

Your benefits.

Suitable for every entrepreneur with staff

No matter what type of business you have, your team forms the foundation on which your company operates. It is essential that the compensation they receive is well-organized.

Complete payroll administration and pay slips taken care of

For payroll administration, we use the comprehensive Nmbrs package. We customize your payroll administration entirely to your needs. In addition to payroll administration, we provide digital pay slips and handle year-end statements and payroll tax returns.

Seamless integration of payroll administration with your accounting

Your payroll administration is directly linked and processed in your accounting system. This way, you always have access to the latest information you need to support and manage your employees.

Real-time online overview for employers and employees

Your payroll administration is conducted accurately and efficiently in one user-friendly portal and is always accessible via a convenient app.

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Your payroll administration.

Every business is different, and every entrepreneur has their own wishes and needs. That’s why we fully customize your payroll administration. 

Nmbrs payroll administration 

We use the comprehensive Nmbrs package to set up your payroll administration in a simple and efficient manner. 

DGA payroll

Entrpnr takes care of the DGA (Directors-General and Directors) payroll for every company. Save yourself time and prevent inaccuracies

Collective Labor Agreement (CAO) wage structuring 

Ensure compliance with legal labor conditions, even if you have a collective labor agreement (CAO). 

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