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An entrepreneur must do business. That is why we use the most modern software to process the administration automatically. As a result, we save entrepreneurs time and money and we give them real-time insight into their data to be able to do business successfully.

This way we ensure that we and our customers are always one step ahead of the rest.

Finance > Tax return > Payroll administration
Website development > Social media > Online campaign

Debtor management > Pay your invoice quickly

Legal Support > Contracts > Disputes

For the passionate entrepreneur

Entrpnr is an innovative bookkeeper that automatically processes almost 80% of the administration with the most modern software. In addition to providing real-time financial insight, Entrpnr ensures that customers have everything they need to do business better and more efficiently, in the form of a complete team of experts that thinks along with ambitious entrepreneurs about all aspects of financial administration, legal affairs, ICT , sales and marketing.

"Ready for further growth"

Taco Bell

Automated from order to dashboard: “Our overhead is lean & mean, which means we can scale up super fast. We are ready to grow further!”

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At Entrpnr we work with Yuki, the most innovative online accounting system on the market. Together with Yuki, we make your accounting as simple as possible. With Yuki we process your accounting online every day. We link the systems you already use and ensure that you always and everywhere have insight into your accounting via your own personal portal.

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Working at the most innovative administration office in the Netherlands.

We are currently storming the Dutch market with our new entrepreneurial concept. Within our team we have a healthy mix of young enthusiasm, seniority and experience. Join the group!


In this column we write about interesting and useful items especially for self-employed persons and entrepreneurs in SMEs. And that with one goal: to help you move forward!


Entrpnr sets up your administration completely and completely customized. Your accounting is processed daily.


Liquidity is the most important condition for the growth of your company. We ensure that you are paid as soon as possible.


Do you want to strengthen your brand? Generate more leads? We make your company visible and help you be found.

Legal advice

Our lawyers take care of all your legal concerns, provide practical advice, guide you carefully and litigate if necessary.

Asian Markets

The partner for companies that are active in the Asian market or for Asian entrepreneurs who have a business in the Netherlands.


No false starting prices or misleading rates with us. We have a suitable package for every budget. Request your quote.

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