We are Entrpnr.

We are Entrpnr. The bookkeeping firm for driven entrepreneurs. We believe that an entrepreneur should focus on entrepreneurship. We understand that recurring routine tasks and business processes can be effectively automated.

That’s why we use the latest software to automate nearly 80% of the accounting process. This not only saves entrepreneurs time and money but also provides them with real-time insights into the data they need for successful entrepreneurship. And we go a step further.

The connected experience

By directly integrating all the systems an entrepreneur has, connecting them seamlessly to the accounting process, we can streamline almost all business operations. This enables our clients to work more efficiently and effectively, resulting in higher productivity, lower costs, and greater customer satisfaction.

Entrepreneurs can turn to us for all their systems and processes. This means they no longer have to deal with multiple vendors; instead, all solutions are consolidated with one partner. We call that the connected experience

Bookkeeper for entrepreneurs
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