Entrpnr Go Plus

Do it your self online accounting

Our entry level model with a little bit more! All the conveniences of online accounting and a digital archive for only €2,- per day. Ideal for the entrepreneur who does the sales tax return himself but likes to have the final sales tax declaration checked
From € 2,- per day

Wat krijg je

  • Book yourself
  • Scan and recognize
  • Invoicing (limited)
  • Accounting app
  • Digital archive
  • Banking connector
  • Ideal payment link
  • And much more .... ask us about the possibilities.

Always in control - Entrpnr GO Plus

“Half service, full quality”! Ideal for the entrepreneur who doesn’t send a lot of invoices, who does the bookings and sales tax returns himself but likes to have the final sales tax declaration checked. And that for only €2.00 per day.

Useful features such as linking to your bank and a mobile app that lets you instantly scan and save your invoices. And of course you can always contact the advisors of Entrpnr by email, phone or chat.

Entrpnr loves to support you in going completely digital with your administration. Big benefit of Entrpnr Go Plus is that you do the tax return yourself, but we will check it for you and if needed, correct it.

Do it yourself accounting with Entrpnr Go Plus

Automate your administration and connect all your software packages with Entrpnr Go. With the free accounting app you can simply book your invoices. Carefree manage your administration. That is Entrpnr Go Plus.

Pakket uitbreiden

ComandiUnlimited invoicingAnnual financial statementAdvice
Api connectorsImport and exportAnd much more .... ask us about the possibilities.

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