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Teamleader CRM

Everything in one place

Entrpnr connects seamlessly with the systems you already have in-house. By linking directly to the Teamleader CRM, you can for example, easily collect all contact information and opportunities and have the perfect all-in-one system for managing your customer relationships and prospects.

A professional company cannot do without CRM

Do you want to develop your business further, have satisfied customers and save both time and money? Then you cannot do without CRM. That is why we offer Teamleader CRM with our accounting package. This provides you the perfect solution to manage your customer relationships. You can extend the CRM with modules for project management, invoicing and support ticketing.

Improve your sales process

Teamleader CRM monitors your lead process in the various phases and indicates when and what actions are needed. It lets you learn to know your target group better so you can address their needs This way you always get the maximum results from your sales opportunities.
  • Never lose a lead.

  • Quickly send out proposals and get these approved online.

  • Always a clear overview of the pipeline.

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Never lose a lead.

Save contact details from LinkedIn or your website and be sure to follow them up directly.

Quickly paid

Easily send out proposals via email and let customers approve these online with CloudSign.

Personalize the communication

Use the data from the CRM to easily segment contacts and send them the right messages.


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