All under control with Lightspeed

All orders and invoices automatically in your administration

Entrpnr connects seamlessly with the systems you already have in-house. By linking directly with the systems of our partner Lightspeed for example, we make sure that all your orders and invoices are automatically loaded into your administration. Inventory management, service, reports, staff, and customer relationships – you can easily manage it all within a single system.
Lightspeed retail

Access your business anywhere

With Lightspeed, every independent restaurant or shop can compete with the big chains. Lightspeed’s robust POS solution lets you run your entire restaurant or manage your store from an iPad. You can access your business anywhere, even if the internet connection is disconnected.


With Lightspeed, you have instant access to your data anywhere, so you can benefit of all the tools and knowledge you need to take your restaurant or (online) store to the next level.
  • Direct overview

  • Full POS system.

  • Fully integrated with the accounting package.

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Lightspeed Restaurant

Compete with the big restaurant chains. Run your whole restaurant from your iPad.

Lightspeed Retail

Compete with the big retailers. Manage your store and stock from anywhere.

Lightspeed eCom

Reduce your costs and increase your profits through different channels with lightspeed eCom inventory management.

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CONTACT MET ENTRPNR? Wij zitten voor je klaar! Tel: 085 0646 800

CONTACT MET ENTRPNR? Wij zitten voor je klaar!
Tel: 085 0646 800

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