No more waiting
for your money.

Default check on creditworthiness

Ideal for Smb and one-man businesses

No more worries about payments

How does factoring work with us?

Liquidity is the most important condition for the growth of your business.

For a small factor fee, we make sure that you get paid almost immediately after sending out your invoice.

Your customer will then pay the invoice amount to Entrpnr.

We take the entire debtor management out of your hands. No more sending reminders or calling your customers about overdue payments.

This will save you a lot of time!

Do you want to know more about factoring?

Entrpnr Factoring

Factoring and debtor management

You’re still in control, but you’re going to have more timefor other things. You select the claims you want to transfer for factoring. Entrpnr factoring only handles the debtor management of the invoices you submitted.

Debtor management is fully aligned with you. Because we know better than anyone how important it is to respect a valuable relationship. Whenever there is a problem, we discreetly and always in close consultation with you, will look for a solution.

This way we keep a positive relation with your customers.

I would like to know more about Factoring.

Our specialists are ready to contact you with more information. Let us know what time suits you best and they will be happy to explain all the ins and outs of factoring.

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CONTACT MET ENTRPNR? Wij zitten voor je klaar! Tel: 088 374 9249

CONTACT MET ENTRPNR? Wij zitten voor je klaar!
Tel: 088 374 9249

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