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More than financial advice

Our partner CFO Capable is so much more than a financial advisory agency. Especially for the smaller and medium-sized companies they offer advice and the hands to improve the strategic and financial management of your business.

CFO Capabel employs only experienced and driven independent CFOs with years of experience in the field of strategy, financial management and business operations. And as ambitious entrepreneurs, they want the smaller organizations to be able to benefit from this as well.

That’s why their part-time CFOs are ready to support you, starting from one day a week, in making your company financially sound and future-proof.

A perfect solution if you don’t have the budget or work load for an in house CFO. And if you want to hire your own CFO for a short or longer period of time, CFO Capabel will take care of the recruitment and selection just as easily.

What can CFO Capable do for your company?

With practical and concrete advice, the experienced financial directors of CFO Capabel will help you get your financial organization in order on an interim basis. They start by mapping tasks, responsibilities and roles. They then look at how to optimize procedures, (administrative) processes and systems.

Your advantages?

  • Improve profit ans cashflow;
  • Reduce costs;
  • Better view on the prestations of your company
  • Optimzing the banking facilities
  • Sharpen the contract agreements with customers and suppliers.

And if wanted, they will also look ahead and help you:

  • Drafting long-term policies;
  • Evaluation of opportunities;
  • Eliminating unprofitable activities;
  • Exploring innovation opportunities; ;
  • Advising on business succession;
  • Preparing your business for selling.

CFO Capabel also offers various services:

  • Part-time CFOs for the complex financial management issues you don’t get to yourself;
  • Interim CFOs or directors to support your company in making strategic changes or getting a specific job done;
  • Recruitment and selection of finance directors, controllers or head of administration
  • Management advice and business coaching

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